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  1. back-slash (Score: 0)
    A backward slash (\\). Used to 'escape' or block the special meaning of many characters. Also called a descending slas...
  2. back-tick (Score: 0)
    Similar to an apostrophe, except that it slants from upper right to lower left. Used to hold the output of a command...
  3. background process (Score: 0)
    A process that does not require interaction with the user to run; while a background process runs, the user can cont...
  4. backup (Score: 0)
    A copy of files, directories, or filesystems, normally used as protection against accidental deletion, but also used a...
  5. bad track (Score: 0)
    A track on the hard disk that can no longer be read from or written to properly. Bad tracks are listed in a bad track ...
  6. bandwidth (Score: 0)
    Refers to the maximum I/O throughput of a system. Although this normally refers to communications channels such as Ether...
  7. base address (Score: 0)
    The setting used to access expansion cards.
  8. basename (Score: 0)
    The file name component of a path. This can also refer to the 'primary' portion of a file name. For example, the base na...
  9. Basis Input/Output Services (Score: 0)
    BIOS. Special chip set on the computer that is used to access the hardware. Mainly used during boot-up and shutdown,...
  10. bdflush (Score: 0)
    The buffer flushing daemon, which writes the contents of dirty buffers from the buffer cache to disk.
  11. binary (Score: 0)
    The numerical system of counting with only two digits - 0 and 1. Also called base 2.
  12. binding (Score: 0)
    The process of joining two components. networking programs are often bound to a port, or key presses in the X-Wind...
  13. BIOS (Score: 0)
    Basis Input/Output Services. Special chip set on the computer that is used to access the hardware. Mainly used during ...
  14. bit (Score: 0)
    A binary digit. Either a 0 or a 1.
  15. bitmap (Score: 0)
    A representation such as a picture or table that is stored as a series of 0's and 1's. Each character represents a sin...
  16. block device (Score: 0)
    A hardware device that is accessed with buffering within the operating system. Although such device can be read ...
  17. blocking (Score: 0)
    I/O where the process is forced to wait until the operation is complete. Also known as synchronous I/O.
  18. boat loader (Score: 0)
    A programme used to start (or boot) an operating system.
  19. boot (Score: 0)
    The process by which the computer is powered on and goes through the necessary steps to load and start the {operating ...
  20. boot device (Score: 0)
    The device (usually a floppy or a hard disk) from which the system is booted.
  21. boot sector (Score: 0)
    The first block of your hard disk, floppy or CD-ROM containing information necessary to find the active partition an...
  22. bootstring (Score: 0)
    The string