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  1. ECC (Score: 0)
    Error Checking and Correcting. Typically used to describe memory that can detect and correct errors within itself.
  2. edge-triggered interrupts (Score: 0)
    Interrupts that are activated by the rising edge of the signal. That is when the signal is making the transition from lo...
  3. EGA (Score: 0)
    Enhanced Graphics Adapter. Another old, old video adapter.
  4. EIDE (Score: 0)
    Enhanced Integrated Digital Electronics. A newer device interface. Most often used in hard disks and can overcome si...
  5. EIP (Score: 0)
    Extended Instruction Pointer. The register contains the memory location that the CPU is currently executing.
  6. EISA (Score: 0)
    Extended Industry Standard Architecture. Enhanced version of the ISA. Developed by a consortium of companies and providi...
  7. ELF (Score: 0)
    Executable and Linking Format. The executable program format used by newer versions of Linux.
  8. emulator (Score: 0)
    Software that behaves like a different kind of hardware or software.
  9. encapsulation (Score: 0)
    The process by which one data format is enclosed inside of another. This technique is used in networking to pass dat...
  10. encode (Score: 0)
    Converting data from one form to another. The newer form is generally more easily handled than the original. For example...
  11. encrypt (Score: 0)
    encode something so that it is no longer readable by humans or other processes.
  12. encrypted password (Score: 0)
    The user’s password that is stored in encoded form in the file /etc/passwd or in /etc/shadow.
  13. environment (Score: 0)
    The settings and values that control the way you work on the system. These include the shell you use, your home and cu...
  14. environment variable (Score: 0)
    Variables that modify the behaviour of your login shell as well as other programs.
  15. error message (Score: 0)
    A message indicating a problem. This can be something as simple as when input incorrect syntax to a command or som...
  16. Esc. (Score: 0)
    The escape key.
  17. escape character (Score: 0)
    Decimal 27, octal 033 and hexadecimal 1b. character used in many cases as a flag to indicating the following sequence ...
  18. escape key (Score: 0)
    The key which is marked ESC on most keyboards. This key is used to generate and escape character that is often used ...
  19. escape sequences (Score: 0)
    A sequence of characters proceeded by an escape character. This usually changes the behaviour of something. For exam...
  20. escaping characters (Score: 0)
    The process by which you remove the special significance of characters. This is often accomplished by proceeding the...
  21. ESDI (Score: 0)
    Enhanced Small device Interface. An older hard disk interface.
  22. Ethernet (Score: 0)
    A local area network standard developed by the Xerox corporation.
  23. event (Score: 0)
    An occurrence on the system. For the kernel this might be that a device is ready to provide requested data. For X-Wi...
  24. exception (Score: 0)
    An unexpected event.
  25. exception handlers (Score: 0)
    Special functions within the kernel that are used to deal with exception.
  26. executable file (Score: 0)
    A file containing a program or a set of commands. In order to be executable, these files must also have the {execute...
  27. execute (Score: 0)
    To cause a program to start. The process of carrying out specific instructions.
  28. exitcode (Score: 0)
    The value returned by a process as it is completing.
  29. expanded memory (Score: 0)
    In DOS-based computers a means of getting around the 640K base memory problem. With this technique, blocks of 64k are ...
  30. expansion bus (Score: -1)
    The bus in a computer into which expansion cards are inserted.
  31. expansion card (Score: 0)
    A card inserted into the expansion bus that expands the functionality of the system such as a hard disk controller or ...
  32. export (Score: 0)
    The process by which a resource is made available. Used to describe when a filesystem or directory is made avail...
  33. extended memory (Score: 0)
    Addition memory above 1Mb. This memory is not switched in as with expanded memory but is treated as a single, line...

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