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  1. LAN (Score: 0)
    Local Area Network.
  2. LBA (Score: 0)
    Logical block addressing. The means by which blocks on the hard disk are accessed based on a logical address and not t...
  3. LDP (Score: 0)
    Linux Documentation Project. A volunteer group developing and managing Linux documentation.
  4. LDT (Score: 0)
    Local descriptor table. A table of descriptors that keeps track of a process' segments.
  5. LED (Score: 0)
    Light Emitting Diode.
  6. level-one cache (Score: 0)
    cache memory within the CPU. Also L1-cache.
  7. level-triggered interrupts (Score: 0)
    Interrupts that are indicated by the electrical signal being level, but at the state opposite from what it normally is....
  8. level-two cache (Score: 0)
    cache memory external to, but directly accessed by the CPU. Also L2-cache.
  9. library call (Score: 0)
    A call to a library function. Library functions are collections of system calls.
  10. lilo (Score: 0)
    The Linux loader. program that loads the Linux kernel or other operating system.
  11. link (Score: 0)
    Logical connection between two elements, for example between files or pages on the Internet.
  12. link count (Score: 0)
    The number of file names that point to a particular set of data.
  13. linked list (Score: 0)
    A data structure in which each element contains a pointer to the next element. Since elements use a pointer, the element...
  14. linkkit (Score: 0)
    The name used to refer the collection of tools and files used to create a copy of the kernel.
  15. Linux Documentation Project (Score: 0)
    LDP. A volunteer group developing and managing Linux documentation.
  16. Linux Profess