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  1. MAC address (Score: 0)
    Media Access Control address. A 48-byte address, usually separated by colons that represent the unique address of an E...
  2. magic number (Score: 0)
    A number at the beginning of a file used to indicate what type of file it is.
  3. Mail Transfer Agent (Score: 0)
    The collection of programs used to transfer mail from one system to another. Most Linux systems provide the sendmail M...
  4. Mail User Agent (Score: 0)
    MUA. The program that you use to interface into the mail system, including reading and composing mail.
  5. maintenance mode (Score: 0)
    The run-level in which access is only allowed through the system console. Used for maintenance, hence the name. Also cal...
  6. major number (Score: 0)
    A number indicating which device driver should be used to access a particular device.
  7. man-page (Score: 0)
    A reference page containing useful information about a specific topic.
  8. mask (Score: 0)
    A series of bits that covers up' existing settings. For example, the umask masks out file permissions and the netmask m...
  9. maskable interrupts (Score: 0)
    Interrupts that can be ignored (masked out).
  10. master boot record (Score: 0)
    The first block of your hard disk (or floppy) containing information necessary to find the active partition and boot...
  11. Maximum Transmission Unit (Score: 0)
    MUT. Maximum size of a transmitted piece of data.
  12. Mb (Score: 0)
    megabyte. 2^20 bytes
  13. MBR (Score: 0)
    Master Boot Record. The first block of your hard disk (or floppy) that contains information necessary to find the acti...
  14. MCA (Score: 0)
    Micro-Channel Architecture. A computer bus architecture developed by IBM. It provides many advantages over the ISA archi...
  15. media (Score: 0)
    Storage material that stores data, such as floppy disks and tapes.
  16. Media Access Control (Score: 0)
    The unique identifier given to a network interface card. (NIC).
  17. megabyte (Score: 0)
    2^20 bytes. Often erroneously thought of as one million bytes.
  18. memory (Score: 0)
    Location for storing programs during execution and their related state information, as well as data.
  19. metacharacter (Score: 0)
    A special character that is replaced by character strings by the shell.
  20. Micro-Channel Architecture (Score: 0)
    A computer bus architecture developed by IBM. It provides many advantages over the ISA architecture.
  21. MIME (Score: 0)
    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. A standard for mail exchange, which supports graphical, audio, video, and other...
  22. minor number (Score: 0)
    A number serving as a flag to a device driver.
  23. mirroring (Score: 0)
    See disk mirroring.
  24. MO drives (Score: 0)
    Magneto-Optical drives. A storage media that uses both magnetic properties and lasers to store data.
  25. modem (Score: 0)
    An electronic device attached to your computer that converts digital signals from the computer to analog signals (mo...
  26. modem control port (Score: 0)
    A serial port that reacts to the carrier signal.
  27. monitor (Score: 0)
    The television like device used to provide a visual interface to you computer.
  28. mount (Score: 0)
    The process by which filesystems are made available.
  29. mount point (Score: 0)
    The directory through which the mounted filesystem is accessed.
  30. mount table (Score: 0)
    The table containing all of the mounted filesystems.
  31. mouse (Score: 0)
    A pointing device used to move a pointer on the screen.
  32. MTA (Score: 0)
    Mail Transfer Agent.
  33. MTU (Score: 0)
    Maximum Transmission Unit.
  34. MUA (Score: 0)
    Mail User Agent.
  35. multi-tasking (Score: 0)
    The process by which a computer system is able to maintain multiple programs (tasks) in memory and to switch fast ...
  36. multi-user (Score: 0)
    The ability of a computer system to allow multiple users to access the system at once.
  37. multi-user mode (Score: 0)
    The run state of the system in which access is allowed on terminals other than the system console.
  38. multiprocessor system (Score: 0)
    A computer system with more than one CPU.
  39. multiscreen (Score: 0)
    One of the 12 console 'terminals'.

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