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  1. name server (Score: 0)
    A program running on a network that provides a centralized database of information on the names and IP Addresses o...
  2. namei cache (Score: 0)
    A data structure within the kernel that stores the most-recently accessed translations of pathnames to inode numbers...
  3. netmask (Score: 0)
    A binary mask used to mask out the network portion on an IP address.
  4. network (Score: 0)
    A group of computers that are linked together.
  5. NFS (Score: 0)
    Network File System. The set of programs and the protocol used to make filesystems and directories available acros...
  6. nice value (Score: 0)
    A weighting factor that is used to calculate a process' priority.
  7. NIS (Score: 0)
    Network Information System. System by which files and user information can be automatically spread across a network....
  8. NMI (Score: 0)
    Non-Maskable Interrupts. An interrupt that cannot be ignored.
  9. non-maskable interrupt (Score: 0)
    An interrupt that cannot be ignored.

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