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  1. RAID (Score: 0)
    Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Combining multiple disks to improve reliability or performance.
  2. RAM (Score: 0)
    Random Access (or main) Memory.
  3. Read-Only Memory (Score: 0)
    ROM. Typically memory chips that cannot be altered by the operating system or program.
  4. redirection (Score: 0)
    The process by which one of the three base file descriptors (stdin, stout and stderr) reference something other than t...
  5. Reduced Instruction Set Computer (Score: 0)
    RISC. The opposite of CISC that is a processor with a small number of assembly instructions, each of which performs si...
  6. reduntant (Score: 0)
    Repeated or duplicate. Often refers to hardware that is used as a fall-back should the primary device fail.
  7. region (Score: 0)
    Also called a segment. An area of memory grouped by function, for example, text, data and stack.
  8. region descriptor (Score: 0)
    A descriptor pointing to a region.
  9. region table (Score: 0)
    A structure within the kernel that points to the currently active regions.
  10. register (Score: 0)
    A location within a chip, used to store information or instructions.
  11. regular expression (Score: 0)
    A notation for matching sequences of characters without having to specify all possible combinations. Regular expressio...
  12. relative path (Score: 0)
    A pathname that shows a path in relation to the current working directory.
  13. relink (Score: 0)
    The process by which a new kernel is generated.
  14. remote host (Score: 0)
    A computer other than the one that you originally logged into on a network.
  15. resource (Score: 0)
    An object that is used by something else. Could be something physical like a hard disk or something logical like data....
  16. restore (Score: 0)
    The process of return something to a previous state, such as the operating system or data.
  17. RFC (Score: 0)
    Request for comments. A specific document that relates to networking standards and activity.
  18. RISC (Score: 0)
    Reduced Instruction Set Computer. The opposite of CISC that is a processor with a small number of assembly instruction...
  19. ROM (Score: 0)
    Read Only Memory. Typically memory chips that cannot be altered by the operating system or programs.
  20. root (Score: 0)
    The username/user account typically used for system administration.
  21. root filesystem (Score: 0)
    The filesystem onto which all of the other filesystem are mounted, and which usually contains most of the system f...
  22. route (Score: 0)
    A path to a particular computer. The set of other computers need to reach that destination.
  23. router (Score: -1)
    A device used to redirect network connections to the proper machine.
  24. RPC (Score: 0)
    Remote Procedure Call. A system call that is executed on a remote machine.
  25. RPM (Score: 0)
    Red Hat Package Manager. Form used to manage and install program packages.
  26. RTS/CTS flow control (Score: 0)
    A form of flow control using the two signals Request-To-Send and Clear-To-Send.
  27. run (Score: 0)
    To execute a program.
  28. run-level (Score: 0)
    Also called run-state. An abstract term that is used to determine which process should be run or started.

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