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  1. display (Score: 0)
    Term used for the computer's monitor.
  2. network (Score: 0)
    A group of computers that are linked together.
  3. operating system (Score: 0)
    A group of programs and functions that provide basic functionality on a computer; The software that manages access to ...
  4. hard disk (Score: 0)
    Peripheral device consisting of (usually) metal platters or disks, used to store data.
  5. daemon (Score: 0)
    A process that performs a service for the system. Normally, daemon process are in the background and are waiting f...
  6. execute (Score: 0)
    To cause a program to start. The process of carrying out specific instructions.
  7. UNIX (Score: 0)
    An operating system originally developed at Bell Laboratories.
  8. keyboard (Score: 0)
    An input device consisting of mechanical buttons (keys) labelled with the various language specific characters and...
  9. Internet (Score: 0)
    The collection of computers, networks and their interconnections that is more or less publicly accessible.
  10. monitor (Score: 0)
    The television like device used to provide a visual interface to you computer.
  11. resource (Score: 0)
    An object that is used by something else. Could be something physical like a hard disk or something logical like data....
  12. binary (Score: 0)
    The numerical system of counting with only two digits - 0 and 1. Also called base 2.
  13. encode (Score: 0)
    Converting data from one form to another. The newer form is generally more easily handled than the original. For example...
  14. database (Score: 0)
    A structured set of data. Often used to refer to the software which accesses the data.
  15. symbolic link (Score: 0)
    A file that contains the path to another file or directory. Since this is just a path, symbolic links can cross {mou...
  16. administrator (Score: 0)
    The person who manages a computer system or network.
  17. default (Score: 0)
    The standard configuration or values for a program, field or any other aspect of the system, which is used when no oth...
  18. syntax (Score: 0)
    The grammar used by a programming language or commands.
  19. security (Score: -1)
    The mechanisms and policies used to:
  20. backup (Score: 0)
    A copy of files, directories, or filesystems, normally used as protection against accidental deletion, but also used a...

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