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  1. AT command set (Score: 0)
    See Hayes command set.
  2. command (Score: 0)
    A set of words or characters that is interpreted by an operating system as a request for it to perform an action.
  3. command alias (Score: 0)
    An alternate name for a command.
  4. command argument (Score: 0)
    Subsequent information passed to a command. This normally refers to information (such as the name of a file) that need...
  5. command flags (Score: 0)
    Arguments passed to a command that change its behaviour.
  6. command line (Score: 0)
    The place on your screen, usually indicated by a prompt, where a user input commands. May also refer to the string o...
  7. command line interpreter (Score: 0)
    A program that accepts and reacts to a command line.
  8. command options (Score: 0)
    Arguments passed to a command that change its behaviour.
  9. command substitution (Score: 0)
    When used in a command, the output of the command enclosed in back-ticks is substituted into the command line be...
  10. Hayes command set (Score: 0)
    Standard set of modem commands. Also AT command set

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