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  1. current working directory (Score: 0)
    The directory that the system accesses when no paths are given. The current directory can also be specified as . or ...
  2. directory (Score: 0)
    A file in a particular format that is read by the system as a an inode and filename pair. The files contained within a...
  3. directory name (Score: 1)
    Also referred to simply as directory. This is the name of the directory path used to access a file. The directory ...
  4. home directory (Score: 0)
    The directory defined by your $HOME environment variable. This is normally the same directory you end up in after yo...
  5. page directory (Score: 0)
    A structure in memory used by the kernel to access page tables.
  6. parent directory (Score: 0)
    The directory which contains the directory to which you are referring. For example: if you refer to the /etc/http {d...
  7. subdirectory (Score: 1)
    A directory residing within another directory.

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