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  1. cache memory (Score: 0)
    Also called just cache. High-speed memory usually placed between a CPU and main memory. cache memory holds r...
  2. Direct Memory Access (Score: 0)
    The means by which devices can access memory directly without the intervention of the CPU. DMA is controlled by th...
  3. expanded memory (Score: 0)
    In DOS-based computers a means of getting around the 640K base memory problem. With this technique, blocks of 64k are ...
  4. extended memory (Score: 0)
    Addition memory above 1Mb. This memory is not switched in as with expanded memory but is treated as a single, line...
  5. memory (Score: 0)
    Location for storing programs during execution and their related state information, as well as data.
  6. physical memory (Score: 0)
    RAM. Random access or main memory.
  7. Read-Only Memory (Score: 0)
    ROM. Typically memory chips that cannot be altered by the operating system or program.
  8. virtual memory (Score: 0)
    A method of being able to access more memory than is physically available on your system. This combines physical RAM w...

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