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  1. background process (Score: 0)
    A process that does not require interaction with the user to run; while a background process runs, the user can cont...
  2. Central Processing Unit (Score: 0)
    CPU. The primary chip or processor in a computer. The CPU reads and executes the machine's instructions and make...
  3. child process (Score: 0)
    The process created when one process (the parent) calls the fork() system call.
  4. defunct process (Score: 0)
    A process that has made the exit() system call. This process does not use any system resources (including memory...
  5. multiprocessor system (Score: 0)
    A computer system with more than one CPU.
  6. parent process (Score: 0)
    The process that executed a fork() system call to create a new, child process.
  7. process (Score: 0)
    An instance of a program that is being executed. Each process has a unique PID, which is that process's entry in...
  8. process table (Score: 0)
    A data structure within the kernel that stores information about all the current processes.
  9. processor (Score: 0)
    A chip within a computer that reads and executes the machines instructions.
  10. zombie process (Score: 0)
    An entry in the process table that corresponds to a process that no longer exists. This is used to hold the exitcode...

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