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  1. tune (Score: 2)
    The process of changing parameters or characteristics to improve performance.
  2. Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (Score: 1)
    FHS. A set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory locations under UNIX-like operating systems.
  3. serial port (Score: 1)
    A device port that supports serial (one bit at a time) communication.
  4. directory name (Score: 1)
    Also referred to simply as directory. This is the name of the directory path used to access a file. The directory ...
  5. protocol suite (Score: 1)
    A collection of related protocols.
  6. group (Score: 1)
    A set of users. These users are listed under a group name within the /etc/group file. The group name is associated with ...
  7. ISR (Score: 1)
    Interrupt Service Routine. Special routines within the kernel that handle interrupts.
  8. crash (Score: 1)
    An abnormal shutdown of the computer or application. Often this exhibits itself as the system 'freezing'. May also cause...
  9. subdirectory (Score: 1)
    A directory residing within another directory.

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