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  1. FAQ (Score: 0)
    Frequently Asked Questions (List). A list of questions often posted to a newsgroup, mailing list or on a Web site that p...
  2. fault (Score: 0)
    An exception that occurs before the instruction is executed (e.g., page faults).
  3. FHS (Score: 0)
    Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. A set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory locations under UNIX-like...
  4. field separator (Score: 0)
    A special character used to delimit fields within a file or input.
  5. file (Score: 0)
    A named collection of information stored on a hard disk, floppy or other media. Although a file is normally considered...
  6. file creation mask (Score: 0)
    A mask that controls the permissions assigned to new files as they are create. Also umask.
  7. file descriptor (Score: 0)
    A number associated with an open file. This is used to refer to file during I/O operations.
  8. file permissions (Score: 0)
    The access permissions on a specific file.
  9. file table (Score: 0)
    A table internal to the kernel that maintains the relationship between the file descriptors and the physical file on t...
  10. filesystem (Score: 0)
    A hierarchical organization of directories and files.
  11. Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (Score: 1)
    FHS. A set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory locations under UNIX-like operating systems.
  12. filter (Score: 0)
    The process of changing the content of data between the source and destination.
  13. first level cache (Score: 0)
    The cache contained with the CPU. flags See command options.
  14. floppy disk (Score: 0)
    A removable, magnetic storage media made in part of soft plastic which makes it non rigid, or 'floppy'.
  15. floppy drive (Score: 0)
    The physical device used to access floppy disks.
  16. flow control (Score: 0)
    The process by which data transfer is regulated so that it does not arrive too quickly for the receiving process.
  17. focus (Score: 0)
    The term used to describe the active window, to which key put and other input is sent. A window is said to 'have the f...
  18. foreground (Score: 0)
    A process is said to be in the foreground when it is interacting with the user.
  19. fork (Score: 0)
    The process and system call by which new processes are created.
  20. format (Score: 0)
    The structure of an object that determines how the data is stored.
  21. forward slash (Score: 0)
    Slash that goes from the upper right to lower left (/). Also called an ascending slash. Used as the path separator.
  22. forwarder (Score: 0)
    A name server that forwards requests to another name server.
  23. FQDN (Score: 0)
    Fully Qualified Domain Name. Machine name containing both the host name and the domain name. This name is used to uniq...
  24. fragmentation (Score: 0)
    When parts of a file are spread out across different parts of a hard disk. Although the term is also used to refer to ...
  25. Free Software Foundation (Score: 0)
    FSF. An organisation whose goal is the creation and dissemination of free software.
  26. freelist (Score: 0)
    A linked list of unallocated (free) data structures.
  27. FSF (Score: 0)
    Free Software Foundation. An organisation whose goal is the creation and dissemination of free software.
  28. ftp (Score: 0)
    The file transfer protocol or the file transfer program that allows you to copy files to and from a remote computer ...
  29. full path (Score: 0)
    A pathname for a file or directory beginning at the root directory and including the leading slash (/).

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